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Industrial Shutters

The panels are made of galvanized steel materials and are 15 mt. can be applied up to width. The panels can be manufactured in the desired RAL color as electrostatic painted, if desired. Plastic side holders specially designed for each type of panel prevent the profiles from slipping and provide a quieter opening-closing by minimizing friction. The panel wall thickness varies between 0.80 mm and 1.50 mm depending on the dimensions of the door and the wind load. There are different panel alternatives according to the intended use of the door. (80,110,120,130mm) Micro-perforated, windowed panels that provide light and air circulation and polyurethane and rock wool panels that provide sound insulation can be applied to all kinds of architectural projects. In case of power failure, manual on-off can be achieved with the help of a manual lever. Remote control or safety photocell system can be adapted to the system if desired. It provides a high standard use for Stores, Warehouses, Factory Hangars and Warehouses.