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Mono Block Frame and Adjustable Frame

Aesthetic, economical, ergonomic, easy to clean, rustproof, resistant to impacts and scratches, and most importantly, environmentally friendly, our sheet metal doors can also be used in places of visual importance.


Sheet metal doors, which are preferred because they are aesthetic, economical, easy to assemble, practical to manufacture, durable and more environmentally friendly, have begun to replace wooden doors that are not durable, difficult to work with and have heavy economic burden. Our sheet metal doors and frames, which are applied in desired dimensions, are resistant to moisture, impacts and scratches. It has started to be preferred by housewives due to its ability to be produced in the desired color with static powder paint and its easy-to-clean feature.


Our sheet metal doors and frames, which can be designed for visual spaces, can be colored according to the characteristics of the area where they will be used. We have single-wing and double-wing sheet metal door frame types according to the area to be used. In addition, according to the need; We produce various sheet metal frames such as steel sheet door frame with intermediate recording, sheet metal door frame with intermediate recording space and double leaf sheet metal door frame with intermediate recording space. We have a very wide color and product portfolio.


We produce metal sheet door frames with or without roving, which can be adjusted according to the width of the wall, and expensive corner and inexpensive corner steel door frames, and we market steel door frames according to the desired demand. Due to its durability, sheet metal door frames generally provide an advantage to individuals or institutions in places where mass people are present.