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Shelter Ventilation Systems

Whatever the type of shelter, mechanical ventilation is mandatory. Air taken from outside during protection times; Nuclear type hepa filter is passed through a filtering system such as a sandbox and given into the shelter. In times of peace, the air taken from outside is passed through at least a G4 type coarse filter and given into the shelter.
The design of the duct, the number of culverts and their placement are arranged by the mechanical installation project designer.
If the risk of fire is high in the area where the shelter is located, the sandbox system must be used first.
The energy need of the shelter ventilation fan should be met by a generator with a capacity suitable for the fan electric motor.
An area outside the shelter area for the generator should be designed as the engine room. The generator exhaust should be given directly to the outside.
In cases where the generator is out of order, the energy requirement must be met with the help of a manpower-operated rotary arm connected to the fan.
Shelter should be able to easily dispose of accumulated garbage and human waste.
In case of direct sewer connection in waste water connections to be made out of the shelters, a backfire valve should be applied to prevent backfire.